Debt collection

A major reason for cash flow problems in business is late payments by debtors. Debt collection agencies can be used for persistent late payers, but this is not always effective or immediate. Normally, debt collection agencies rely on the threat of legal action or persistent calling of the debtor to produce the results. This can be effective, but if you need more drastic action, there are legal processes which can produce rapid and effective results.

Because we deal regularly with the results of such action when helping the person or organisation owing the money, we know what the most effective methods of collection are for difficult customers. We offer debt collection services for both difficult cases and for normal debt chasing by letter and telephone.

For difficult cases, we adopt strong legal documentation, backed up by timely action and a knowledge of the insolvency legislation to place great pressure for payment on your debtor. The methods include:

Although we normally collect debts only for clients who need our help because of financial difficulties, we also collect debts for other persons and organisation where other methods have failed, provided that this does not put us in a conflict with a client.

Debt and Bancruocy adviceBankruptcy – a complete guide to IVAs and business bankcrupcy

When you or your company are made bankrupt, your assets (possessions, home, income etc) can be used to pay your debts. You have to agree to certain restrictions and your financial affairs will be investigated. Find out how bankruptcy affects you and where to get advice on dealing with your debts.

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