Managed buy-back

When a company is in liquidation, receivership or administration, its assets are sold by the Insolvency Practitioner to pay his fees and some proportion of the debts due to creditors. There is nothing to prevent the directors of the company purchasing the assets themselves, provided that a proper price is paid.

If the directors wish to re-start the business, this is often an attractive alternative, since they have all of the assets but none of the liabilities. It is possible to arrange that the sale of the assets takes place before the appointment of a Practitioner, so removing the risk that another bidder can frustrate the sale. It is also possible to arrange staged payments for the assets.

We can assist in the process in the following way:

Establishing an acceptable price for the assets

Establishing an acceptable payment term

Obtaining the necessary approvals

Arrangement of a Liquidation following the buy back

Managed buy-back is

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